ComPath Overview

Summary of the pathway databases loaded in ComPath and their content

Resource Pathways Genes Version Date
WikiPathways 438 6015 Empty
Reactome 2195 10633 Empty
KEGG 330 7425 Empty
Pathway Knowledge Coverage and Ignorome

This Euler diagram shows the genetic coverage over all HGNC symbols known for all databases.

Browse Genes

Explore gene pleiotropy by finding the pathways associated to a given gene.

Database Identifier Name Pathway Size
Pathway Database Distributions

Analyze the distribution of the pathways and genes for each individual database. By clicking in the button of the databases below, you can see analyze the gene promiscuity and pathway size for that particular database. The distributions below can be zoomed after going into the dedicated pathway database page.

WikiPathways Reactome KEGG


ComPath is developed and maintained in an academic capacity by Daniel Domingo-Fernández and Charles Tapley Hoyt at the Fraunhofer SCAI Department of Bioinformatics. This web application relies on data loaded from KEGG, Reactome, and WikiPathways Restful APIs, as well as MSigDB. More information here.