Visualize Gene Set Overlap across Pathways

Select the database of interest, and then type the name of a pathway in this database. After selecting two or more pathways, click in the "Render Plot" button to see the Euler diagram representing the overlaps between the pathway selection. To explore the overlap, double click in the circles to reveal the pathway overlap.

Use Case: Investigate the overlaps between the Alzheimer's disease pathways in KEGG, Reactome, and WikiPathways. For that, select the corresponding databases and type "Alzheimer" and select the corresponding pathways in each database. Finally, click in "Render Plot".


ComPath is developed and maintained in an academic capacity by Daniel Domingo-Fernández and Charles Tapley Hoyt at the Fraunhofer SCAI Department of Bioinformatics. This web application relies on data loaded from KEGG, Reactome, and WikiPathways Restful APIs, as well as MSigDB. More information here.